Tuesday, 24 January 2012



The most bitter tears that are ever shed,

Are for deeds unaccomplished,

For words never said.

For some it’s a legacy,

For others a sign,

This fate could be yours,

This fate could be mine.


These memoirs are written with the encouragement and patience of the following:

· My wife Linda who has kept me afloat like a life belt, after all seemed lost, due to my failing health.

· My friend Cary Douglas who, thanks to her work on behalf of patients at the Waikato Hospital, including myself, won for me a few extra years of life during which I have recorded my story.

· To friends and family who have been kind to me in spite of the irritation I must have caused them.

· There are others I would have liked to have included in this dedication, but some I would have expected to come to the party did not arrive.

I was encouraged to write, but I did not take it seriously until a title for my writing came to me in the night. When my failing health became serious about 1995 I realised that had I died at that time, I would have left nothing behind as a record; the invisible man would be gone for ever. The extra years I was granted gave me the chance to rectify this situation, to, in a word, have my own personal day of remembrance. Until I discovered the computer, word processing, and digital imaging, it would have been an impossible task for a person in my state of health. But thanks to the help of those I have mentioned above, and modern technology, it became a possibility. Some things seem meant to be, and I came to the conclusion that writing this record was one of them.

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